Timesheets by Job (Detailed) Report

This is an excellent report to see thoroughly detailed timesheet entries by individual jobs, right down to the task in the job they were added too and sorted by team member.

Here's how to generate a report of timesheet entries for a particular Job!

Step 1: Click 'Reports' then scroll down and select 'Timesheets by Job (Detailed)' 


Step 2: Set the 'Date Range' you'd like for your report. You can also select a 'Grouping' if you would like to display your timesheet report in a certain order

🔸 Note: the different 'Grouping' options are 'Task', 'User' and 'Date' 🔸

🔸 In this example, we will select 'User' for our 'Grouping' as shown below 🔸

Step 3: When you're happy with the set date range, and your Grouping (optional) then click 'Next' to generate your report

Step 4. Click to select the Jobs you would like to generate your timesheet report on, then click 'Next' when ready

 Step 5: Now you have successfully generated your timesheets by Job report. 

🔸 See the below screenshot for information on how to zoom in/out, and also how to navigate through the pages on your report. 🔸

Do you want to export your report as a PDF file? See how in the screenshot below! 


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