Job Planning Q&A

Below are some helpful questions & answers around the 'Job Planning' view!

 Note: This feature is only available to Admin users. 
Q - How do I see who’s assigned to the Task?
A - Simply left click on the task “bar” in the Job Plan and it opens up the tasks details, which is where you can see who is assigned to the task and can make / view any other information.

Q - Why can’t I see my job on Job Planning?
A - No set dates on the Job and/or no ‘show on job planning’ box ticked. Or if you are a 'Mobile User' you do not have access to the Job Planning view.

Q - Why can’t I see my task on Job Planning? (tasks don’t show without being assigned to a job)
A - Tasks need to be associated with a Job and need to have show on job planning’ box ticked.

Q - What’s the quickest way to see all Jobs/Tasks?
A - Select the “Zoom to fit” button in the header

Q - Why is adding a task via the Job Planning Calendar different to adding tasks via the job?
A - This is simply a quick way of doing this, so that you can remain in the Job Planning feature and continue with other tasks

Q - Can you create jobs here?
A - No … creating a Job can be done in the normal way in the All Jobs application. Make sure you add start and end dates and have the show on job planning’ box ticked.

Q - Why are the hours so large when we only work 8hr days?
A - We treat a day as 24hrs so that the calculations work and are consistent. Therefore 48hrs = 2 days

Q - How do we build out our whole resource plan (how many people do I need to complete this task)?
A - Only Admin users on the desktop can access Job Planning. Each time you create a task, it will automatically be shown on the Job PLan, so it is actually very fast and easy to have one person set it up and shift

Q - Can I template my tasks?
A - YES - you will need to create a set of standard tasks within a Job Template. Then each time you create a Job you can use that template. Alternatively you can “Duplicate” a Job and it can pick up those tasks if you wish to use a current Job.

Q - How do I delete a task?
A - When you are in the Job Plan, simply left click on the tasks “bar” and then you can either “hide” the task to no show OR select the menu and then delete (this removes the task and deletes)

Q - How Do I delete a dependency
A - Right click on the task bar that you wish to remove the dependency on … then select delete dependency. If there is more than one, you can select which one to delete.

Q - Can I change the order of the tasks?
A - You can sort order the Jobs and tasks based on end date (default order) AND by Name. Therefore if you really wanted to set your own order, you could name them in the order and sort order based on that e.g: 01 Foundations, 02 Framing etc. We may look at this as a future enhancement if highly requested

Q - How do I create a Milestone?
A - Simply right click on the task bar and select Tasks details, and then set the duration to be 0 then save. You can also drag one end of the task to be the same as the start … this will also set duration to 0 and create a milestone

Q - Is there a fast way to rename a task?
A - Yes, double click on the task name on the left hand column and edit it directly. You can always open task details and amend there and save too

Q - Can I make a task on one Job be dependent on a task from another job?
A - No … dependencies can only be created between tasks within the same Job

Q - Will I see my 'Archived Jobs' on here?
A - No, the Job Planning view excludes any Jobs that are in “Archived”

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