Internal Jobs

In this article, we will take you through the steps to create an internal Job and where your team can find their internal job to add time to.

Internal Jobs can be set up for your team to record their time for work they do that isn't for a customer.  For example, cleaning the workshop or their van. The time added to Internal Jobs will be marked as not billable by default. Also, see Create a Job - Desktop.

You can find all your Internal Jobs under Jobs > Internal, as shown below

Step 1: Select Add and fill in the Job form

Fill in all the internal job details and tick internal job, as shown below.  You may want to create an internal job for each team member or a few for everyone to add time to, these can be ongoing or for a specific internal job. 

Add all the details required for the internal Job, assign to your team and Save.  Note: You can always come back and amend any details later.

Step 2: Your internal job has been created.