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Create a Job - Desktop

Creating Jobs and Tasks are core functionality of your job management. You and your team will spend much of your time adding and reviewing your work activity in the Jobs, Scheduled Tasks and Calendar areas of NextMinute.  See also, Internal Jobs.

In this article we show you how to create a new Job.  

First, navigate to the Jobs drop down in the left hand menu and select All Jobs. To create a new Job select Add. Or you can quickly add a job via the Quick Actions in the top right hand corner menu.  You can also Add a Job using a template you have created.

Step 1: Enter job details

Once you've selected 
Add Job to create a new Job, you will open a blank Job form to complete with your specific job detail, as shown here:

Job details continued... Save to create the Job and link to a Task by creating a calendar task or choose existing task. 

Assigning Job to a team member (User or other Contact)

Now you will see your newly created job as per the below screenshot..

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