How do Merge Fields work?

When creating messages, job sheets, headers, footers and cover pages you can include useful data via Merge Fields.  This data can include Job number, details, customer name, address, amount due, etc.  In this article we will show you where to find Merge Fields and what it looks like when linked to a Job.

Step one: Navigate to Insert Merge Fields

In this example we are creating a Job details notification SMS message template (Admin > Messaging > Jobs Message Template Setup > Job details notification SMS) to select later when sending a message from a Job. We already have some Merge Fields in this template, shown in the curly brackets.

Step two: Tick all the fields you would like to include in your message and OK

We are going to include the User Login Name as an example.

Step three: The merge field shows in curly brackets as shown below

Step four: Title/label your Merge Fields as required and when happy with your message template hit Save

When sending a message from a Job you can select one of your templates you have created and Preview before sending.

In the example below we have gone into an existing Job > More > Send message > SMS and selected the template we created earlier.  Select preview to see the Merge Fields.

Within Preview mode you will see the Merge Fields have brought in the data from the Job.