What are tasks and how are they best used?

In short, a task simply allows a date, time and cost allocation for a piece of work. Tasks act like 'sub jobs' (e.g. foundations for a house build). Tasks can also be recurring if necessary.

  • Can time be added to tasks? Yes, select the task when adding a timesheet entry, or select the task first then 'more' (or 'actions' on mobile) then 'Add Timesheet Entry'
  • Can I add costs to a specific task such as materials? Yes, simply open the task and navigate to 'charges' then add the required materials or other costs.
  • Can supplier invoices be added to a task? Yes, you can do this from within a task or when importing them from your accounting system
  • How do I make sure my team members add time to tasks? There is an option on the job when creating it you will want to tick; 'User Timesheet Entries must be entered against tasks'. Be sure to have tasks attached to the job first!
  • How do I report time added to tasks on a job? On your computer, go to 'Reports' on the left, then 'Timesheets by Job - Detailed'. There you can set if you want to look at time for specific tasks.
  • Can tasks be invoiced individually? They can. For cost plus or charge-up jobs, go to the task where the charges are located, then click on 'invoices > add > using actual charges'
  • Do I have to have a job to have a task? No, you can create tasks separately. Great for short-term jobs or if you want to pop one on your calendar quickly.
  • Can I add tasks straight on to my calendar? Yes, simply go to your calendar on your computer or tablet and click the place you want to add the task. If you need to move it later, you can drag it to the new date & time.
  • Can I give tasks to more than one person? You can, simply select more people when editing the 'assigned to' part of a task.
  • Does 'Job Planning' use tasks? It does. The length of each task determines the stages on the job planning. The start of the first task and end of the last task determines the job length.
  • Can I add files to a task? You can. Notes and photos too!
  • Do tasks have different statuses? They do if you want to use the statuses. This helps you see where each piece of work is at and is especially useful in a project with multiple tasks.