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Using the timer on Jobs - Mobile

Using the Start Timer function via NextMinute is a great way to record accurate time for labour charges.  Users of NextMinue can access a job and select the Start Timer and time recording is activated.


Step 1: Select Jobs


Step 2: Select the Job 

Step 3: Select Start Timer

Selecting the start timer will prompt you to to select the desired labour rate for work being done.

Step 4: Select the desired labour rate

Choose your labour rate from the list.  Note: Your permissions may not allow you to see pricing

Once a labour rate is chosen the Timer will start recording your time.

Step 5: Stop Timer

Touch the Timer button to stop the timer, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to stop recording time, select Yes.

Step 6: Add a Description and Save

On stopping the timer, you are required to enter the work description, you can then save the time record against the job.

You can find the time saved against the timesheet along with a GPS stamp. To do this, go into timesheets, select the day you added time to, then select your new entry.
As you can see below, the start and stop timer were captured on a map using the GPS feature. Select one to view on a map.
The location is shown on a map where the timer was used and the job details assigned against.