Timesheet Payroll View Without Accounting Integration

You can now view all of your team timesheets all in one place! This will allow you to mark timesheets as 'processed' and lock them once you have run your payroll.

Step 1. 

To enable the 'Payroll' view:

NOTE: You must be an administrator to enable the ‘Payroll’ view   

Step 2. 

Timesheets now has two drop down options: 'Timesheets' and 'Payroll'. The Payroll view is only available to Admin users.

Step 3.

You can select a filter to display timesheets by “status” (processed/unprocessed) and also you can apply a filter to exclude disabled users (disabled users will automatically show by default).

Step 4.

You can select one or multiple timesheets and mark them as processed (paid). Marking the timesheets as processed will lock the staff members timesheet which means no more hours can be added to that time period.

Step 5.

Click on the hours link per record to view the daily timesheet hours entered by a staff member. If you click the number in the hours column it will open up the timesheet details. To see your employees daily breakdown of hours select the plus icon on the right hand side of the hours.