Scheduled Tasks - Mobile

This video takes you through the ways you can search for Tasks within Scheduled Tasks on Mobile


Scheduled Tasks Date View

Within Scheduled Tasks you can view tasks by Daily, Weekly, Monthly or by All tasks. Firstly, select Scheduled Tasks from the main menu.
This will bring up your list of scheduled tasks. Select All at the bottom of the screen, between menu and actions, to select different date views.

Simple View

To view a more simple view of your scheduled tasks select Actions and then Switch to Simple View.
As you can see below, the tasks are now shown in Simple View.

Calendar icon

You can use the calendar icon to also select the Calendar icon and view tasks from a specific date.

Filter View

View tasks based on their status by selecting the drop down next to Filters then select a Status.
To clear the filter, select Clear Filter.

Task Details

To view the details of a particular task select one from your list. Here will you see all information for that task, add time, charges, photos, notes, etc.

Search Tasks

You can search for a particular task by customer name or task name and number.