Quote vs Estimate

In this article we take you through the steps in creating an Estimate within a Quote. This allows the flexibility to either send out Quotes or Estimates.
Firstly, we recommend removing any prefix and suffix you may have in your Quotes. We take you through the steps in doing this below.

Quote Configuration

Step 1: Navigate to Admin and Settings


Step 2: Leave Prefix and Suffix blank then select Save

Under Quotes section you can find your Quote Number configuration.

Now on your Quotes list it will just show the number.


Quotes vs Estimate

Now that your prefix and suffix are blank you can create an Estimate within a Quote and won't have any reference to a quote.

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts and select Quotes

Step 2: Select the Quote you wish to create as an Estimate

Step 3: Select the header to edit Quote

As you can see below, the title is a Quote.

Step 4: Change Title to Estimate then Save

Step 5: Select Preview

It is now stated as an Estimate in the title. In the header it states Quote Number and Quote Date but won't appear like this when sending to customer. To see how the customer will view it select Preview.

Step 6: Select Send

The below screenshot is how the customer will view it and it is just stated as Number and Date.

Step 7: Select a Recipient then select Next

Step 8: Edit Email Message and Send

Edit the Email Message, including Subject, to match template as an Estimate or use Estimate Template by creating one.

The customer will get an email message like below with the option of just Accepting or Rejecting

The email message will send a file of the Estimate, as shown below, and it states just the Number and the Date.

When the customer goes to either Accept or Reject the Estimate there is no reference of Quote.

As you can see below, the Estimate is shown in the Quotes list and stated as Accepted.