Quote Acceptance

A very important part of the Quoting process is also keeping track of what you've issued to prospects and customers.  Keeping up to date with where your quotes are, their status and whether they've been sent, accepted or declined provides you with tangible information on future opportunities for your business.  It's powerful information to know where your next job is coming from.  NextMinute provides a unique Quote acceptance feature which enables you to easily keep track of your quoting activity.

Your Customer or Prospects receive the Quote:

On completion of all new Quotes you are prompted to send it via NextMinute, it can be issued via email with an appropriate cover message.  Here's an example of a Quote and Email to a customer's email Inbox.   From within the email NextMinute provides a button which allows the customer to accept or reject the Quote information.

Quote Acceptance:

To Accept or Reject, a customer will access the Quote Acceptance functionality and complete the Quote Acceptance form accordingly.   The Quote Acceptance functionality delivers both email notification and updates the Quote within NextMinute automatically with a status update.  So you know exactly what's going on with the Quotes you've issued at a glance.

Email Notification:

The Quote Acceptance email notification is shown here.

Quote view in NextMinute:

You can also accept or reject a Quote on behalf by going into the quote, select More and Accept or Reject.

Then within the quote you can see the acceptance or rejection.


Quote grid view in NextMinute:
Here you will see a rolling list of the Quotes you have out with prospects and customers, their status, billing stage etc.