Quick Add - Supplier Invoice from within Job

In this article, we take you through the steps in using the "Quick Add" feature to quickly add a supplier invoice to an existing Job's charges.

Step 1: Navigate to All Jobs and select your Job

Step 2: Select Supplier Invoices on Job flyout

Step 3: Select Add

 Your list of existing supplier invoices assigned to your job will appear in the list. This Job has no supplier invoices.

Step 4: Select Quick Add

Step 5: Assign to a Supplier

Search for Supplier and select

Step 6: Complete Add Supplier Invoice form

 Here you have the option to add a supplier invoice number and set the dates for the supplier invoice. The job is automatically assigned to supplier invoice and reference populated. When happy with everything select Next.

Step 7: Select the Line item charge type

Step 8: Enter in required information

Fill in the required information including a line item description and invoice total, and tick to create actual charges and set your markup %. Drag and drop your supplier invoice file under "Files for Supplier Invoice" or select Attach File(s) and select the files from your desktop. When happy select Save.  

As you can see below, the charges for that supplier invoice are now added to the jobs materials item charges.