Push Notifications

A push message is a message to someones mobile or tablet, just like when you send a message on Facebook or Whatsapp, it uses a tiny amount of data rather than phone credit. It’s much more modern than sending a text message.

Push Messaging is available via..

- The Message Inbox

- Job and Task Details

- User Contact details.

Please note: You can only send Push Notifications to users of NextMinute (Admin/Mobile Users).

Step 1. Go into your 'Users' Contacts list and select a contact.

Step 2. Now click the 'More' drop down and select 'Send Message'

Step 3. Here you will see the new 'Push Message' option as highlighted in the screenshot below. This visual will be the same for sending push msg via jobs & inbox


Step 4. Here is where you write and send the Push Messages. You can select a template if you like, write a message then send. Easy as!

Sending a Push Notification via Jobs

Click into the appropriate job, Send Message then follow step 3/4 Above

Sending a Push Notification via the Message Inbox

Click into the Message Inbox,  Send Message > Follow step 3/4 Above  

Push Notification Mobile

This is how the Push Message notification will show on the users mobile phone  

Push Notification Templates

The SMS and Push Notification Templates are shared as they're used in the same way. To find the templates to edit go to Admin, click into the Messaging tab, then Scroll down to SMS/Push Notification.