Pre-Built Sale Item Template

Pre-Built templates give you the ability to create bundles of charges in template form. You can quickly access these to include in quotes, purchase orders and invoices.  Your field service team can also access them when adding actual charges to jobs whilst on the go.

They are ideal for a standard set of charges for a job, task or work action.  By creating Pre-Built templates you and your team have them at your fingertips when adding charges, quoting, ordering and billing.  They are designed to make your quoting and charging easier to record.

You need not think about what the standard charges are, you have them right their in your pre-built template.  It removes the opportunity for missed charges on quotes and invoices OR omissions from purchase orders.

Another great feature of Pre-Built templates is you can convert any quote, order or invoice into a Pre-Built template.  That way you can call on that bundle of charges more easily in the future.

Let's take a look at how you create your own Pre-Built Sale Item template.  

Navigate to Admin > Settings

Select Add to create new Pre-Built Sale Item Template.

You can also select existing Templates to view and/or edit 

Edit the templates name, section and section details.  Then start adding line items, select the Type (Labour, Materials or Disbursements) and tab through.  You can also add line items that aren't saved to your Sale Items by adding a new line and entering a Description.  Add new Sections and sub-Sections as required. 

Select the Section options to Indent or Outdent a section to the left or right. Import charges from an existing quote, order, invoice, supplier invoice or pre-built template. Or Delete the section.

Select View Options to show or hide the buy price and markup %, discount % or tax rates.

Under Preview & Send select Print Options to view the printing or column display options you want to use.

Select the section, then the desired printing options and columns to hide. Select Done then Apply after all changes have been made.


Drag and Drop sections to move up or down or line items to another section.

When happy Save.  You can also print your list of Pre-Built Sale Item Templates to PDF or Excel