PlaceMakers Ordering

Ordering materials in a timely and efficient way are key to keeping your jobs and projects on-track.  The NextMinute for PlaceMakers ordering enhancement will help you keep on-top of all your regular materials' orders with PlaceMakers.  

This help article will walk you through how to create orders in a few easy steps using NextMinute.


Also see; Create an Order from a Quote - PlaceMakers 

Note: You need to have an active "PlaceMakers Customer Account" in order to use the NextMinute integrated ordering to PlaceMakers feature.  Please contact your local Branch for more information on setting up a PlaceMakers account. 

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts & select Orders

Step 2: Select "Add" from the Orders page. Select to Add a new order from the Add on the Orders page.

Your Orders page will show the Order number, Supplier, the assigned Job and/or Task, a reference, Total $ amount, Supplier Order Number, Order Status and Date Sent.  To amend an order Status, click into the Order, select More and Set Status.

Step 3: Select to Add an Order using one of the following

Using a Blank form (which we have selected in this example) or using a Quote, Order, Invoice, Supplier Invoice or Pre-Built template.

Step 4: Select Supplier & the PlaceMakers logo then Select Supplier to assign to PlaceMakers.

If there is no PlaceMakers logo (as shown below), you will need to refresh your Hardware supplier integration by going to Admin > Setup Hardware Supplier Integration and select Refresh Integration. If you haven't registered for a KnowMe account and completed this integration follow this article PlaceMakers Know Me Set Up & Authentication Process. 

Step 5: Select Your PlaceMakers Account

You may have multiple accounts to select from.

Step 6: Fill in the Order Form & Save

Edit the order's Title, select the Order Date and Due Date, Assign the order to a Job and/or Task and select whether you would like to Pickup the order or have it Delivered to an address.  If you need to make any edits to this form, after saving, you can by selecting the Order header.

If you have created an order via a Job then the Job is already assigned.

In this example we have chosen to Deliver. Enter the Order Delivery Address. Add the desired Delivery date and time, select a time preference and select a delivery vehicle type. Edit the Contact info as required.

Step 7: Build your PlaceMakers Order

The status of your order will now show as Pending, add materials by selecting the + Add a new item button.

You can also make any changes to quantities and add more materials.

Search for materials

Search for PlaceMakers products and materials using the search bar and narrow your search down using the refiners.
Select the supplier to change to your favourites list where you can find all of your saved PlaceMakers items. We are using the live search.

Get Pricing and Show Stocked Items Only

After narrowing your search down using the refiners on the left, you can select "Get Pricing" to view product pricing.  You can then tick to only Show Items that your Branch Stocks. 

Please note: the items may not be in stock.

Select the material, add the quantity and save

After selecting an item, enter the quantity and save.

Search for materials using the product SKU number

Enter the SKU number in the search bar, select the material, add quantity and save.

Make any Edits before submitting and when happy Save

Change PlaceMakers account 

If you need to change the PlaceMakers account you are ordering from you can select the branch account drop down and select from your accounts list, as shown below;

Get Latest Prices

If you have built your PlaceMakers order from your favourites list or want to ensure you have the latest pricing before submitting then select Get Latest Prices, as shown below;
  • Update Buy Price Only - The buy price is the what you are paying 
  • Update Sell Price Only - The sell price is the PlaceMakers retail price
  • Update Buy and Sell Price - The buy price is what you are paying and the sell price is the PlaceMakers retail price

Step 8:  Submit Order to PlaceMakers

Order Submitted

After Submitting your order the status will automatically change to Submitted and a PlaceMakers order number generated, as shown below;

PlaceMakers Order Acknowledgement email

After submitting your order you will receive a confirmation email from PlaceMakers similar to the one below.  Your branch may also call you to confirm your order.

Mark Order as Complete

Once you have received your order you can change the order status to Completed. Go into the order, select More, Set Status and Completed as shown below: