NextMinute help for your staff

Your boss wants you to start using NextMinute to view jobs, get directions, add in timesheets, add materials to jobs, photos, notes and any other job information.  Below are a few help articles and videos to get you familiar with using NextMinute.

NextMinute Invitation

Firstly your boss or the office admin person will invite you into NextMinute. You will receive an email to accept the invite and setup a password.
After accepting your invite into NextMinute, download the app from your phones app store, you can select the download link from the "Welcome to NextMinute!" email.
See this article for more help: Accepting a NextMinute User Invite - Mobile

Set up a Pin to easily login

After accepting your NextMinute invite and downloading the app you can login.  Your username is your email address and your password is what you have just set up.
Now you can setup a pin to make logging in faster.  If you weren't asked to setup a pin when you first logged in, log out and back in again.
See this article for more help: Mobile Pin login

Updating your Jobs

Depending on the process your employer has set up, below are a few help articles on updating your jobs, the steps are the same for scheduled tasks.
Accept the Job
You have been assigned a job, log into NextMinute and accept the job so that your boss and/or admin person can see you have accepted the job.
See this article for more help: Accept a Job invite - Mobile
Get directions to the job
Easily get directions to your job using google maps from within NextMinute
See this article for more help: Getting Directions to the Job - Mobile
Mark yourself as on-site when you get to the job
Change the job status
Let your boss and admin person know how the job is going by changing the job status.
See this article for more help: Change Job Status - Mobile
Adding photos, scribbles and notes 
Take photos of job progression and issues, use scribbles to get a signature or jot down notes, or type notes against the job.
Adding charges to your job
You may have permissions to add materials, disbursements and other charges to your job.  Adding Labour to your job via charges will also add time to your timesheet.
See this article for more help: Adding Charges to a Job - Mobile

Your Timesheets

There are a few ways you can add time to your daily/weekly timesheet, see the below articles for more help;
Add time to your jobs and tasks via Timesheets.
You can add a timesheet entry via your jobs and/or tasks
You can start the timer on your job or task and stop it at the end of the job to add time to the job/task and your timesheet.

Latest Version of NextMinute

Make sure you are using the most recent version of NextMinute.  NextMinute regularly releases updates which can include fixes, enhancements and new features. These may not impact you, however you still need to update NextMinute on your phone to stay in sync.
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