Manage Your Existing Users

There is no limit to the number of users you can have in any role, including the Administrator role.  How you structure your user roles will be based on how you operate your business and the activity you want your team to undertake in the capacity of their role.

Manage User Roles

Here we show you quickly how to access users and manage user roles within your subscription.

Step 1: Select the Admin and Users

Step 2: Select to amend a user's role

Once you've selected the new role type this will be immediately updated for the team member.  User Roles also have associated permissions.  By updating a role, you will also update the correlating permission rights for that role.
Note: See the article about setting user permissions here Manage User Roles & Permissions.


Disable Users

When you 'Disable' a user within your NextMinute Subscription, the user will not be able to log in to NextMinute again. 

Please note: We recommend that you 'disable' a user, rather than deleting them because if you delete a user, you will lose all historic data entered by the user, including timesheet entries etc. BUT if you 'disable' a user, they won't have access AND you'll get to keep all of the users historic data within your NM Subscription.

Step 1. Navigate to 'Admin', then click the 'Users' tab. As shown below, find the user you would like to no longer have access and click the 'Disable' button.

Step 2. Click the 'Yes' button on the 'Disable Access' prompt that pops up.

Re-Enable Previously 'Disabled' Users.

 Let's say you 'disabled' user access for an ex-employee who has come back to work for you and you need to give them access to your NextMinute Subscription again.. You may think you need to create a new user for them but you can easily just re-enable their old user account. Let's find out how below! 

Step 1. Navigate to 'Admin', select the 'Users' tab, then untick the 'Hide Disabled' option as shown in the below screenshot

Step 2. Now you will see all previously 'Disabled' users. As shown below, simply click the 'Enable' button beside the correct user

Step 3. Click 'Yes' when you see the 'Enable Access' pop up

ALL DONE! How easy was that?!

In the below screenshot you'll see that your re-enabled employee will show in the 'current users' list! 🎉