Manage Team Member Permissions

The roles and permissions you give your team depend on how you do business. NextMinute gives you full control over the set up of roles and associated user permissions.

  • You may not want your Mobile users to see any Pricing, this can be turned off via Permissions and turning OFF pricing.
  • You may want your users to only see Jobs and tasks assigned to them, this can be done by ticking "User Assigned" under Jobs and Scheduled Tasks

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Users and under Role Management select Add

Step 2: Enter a Role Name and turn on what you want user to see, when happy hit Save

The default roles used in each new account also have their own default permissions. These may be useful to have to assign to your different users and can be further customised if you require. Here's a brief description of what each of the roles are typically used for:
Planner - Typically used for project managers, this role by default gives people access to 'Job Planning' in NextMinute. Keep in mind that if someone needs access to 'Job Planning' they will need to either be an 'Admin' role on 'Planner' role.
Advanced - Typically for a foreman or manager, this role allows access to all jobs & task, photos, files, notes and the like. They can also create jobs & tasks. The restrictions are by default they don't have access to cost pricing (buy price) of labour, materials and disbursements and also don't have access to Invoices, Orders or Supplier Invoices (bills).
Basic - The most commonly used role for workers in the field, this role is restricted to the basics of NextMinute such as existing jobs & tasks, notes, timesheets & photos. This role is a great place to start team members off while they're learning.
Online Ordering - Not often used, this role is for someone who works with quoting & ordering. They have the ability to create jobs also, and can see cost pricing, but most other functions are turned off.
Standard - Similar to the 'Basic' role, this permission also allows the worker to do quotes.