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Invoices List Report

Quickly create a report on all your Invoices to save, print or send as required.  You can narrow your report down by turning on Filters.  In the below example we will create an Invoice List Report using the Unpaid invoices and Customer filter.

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts > Invoices and select Filters

The Invoices list report is found via the More drop down as shown below.

Step 2: Turn on the Filters needed for your Invoice list Report.  We will turn on the Un-paid Invoices and Customer Filter (see next step on how to Add Customer)

Step 3: After selecting Add, search for the Customer by typing their name into the search bar and hitting enter.  Select the customers name.

Step 4: Go to More and select Invoices List Report.  Below we can see all the un-paid Invoices for Happy Customer, the total, what's been paid and what's due.