Importing materials/price books into NextMinute

In this article we will take you through the steps to import materials into your NextMinute subscription.  You can easily import your supplier price books into NextMinute to quickly add materials to jobs, quotes, orders and invoices.


Step 1: Navigate to Materials, select More and Import Materials Sale Items

Step 2: Download the Generic File as shown below

Note: This is what the Material Sales Items Template looks like

Note: This is an example of a Suppliers Materials List
Step 3. This is how you save the template as a CSV File

Step 4: Select your saved CSV Materials List and click 'Open'  

Step 5: After selecting and opening the file, Click 'Choose Import Template'


Step 6: Here is how to 'Add' and use a Materials List Import Template if you do not have one already

Click 'Add' to add a new template
Here you will need to fill out 'Template Name', 'Supplier', and then drag and drop the 'Imported Fields' to the correct place as shown below - don't forget to hit 'Save'!
Here you will see your saved template, when happy, click 'Done'

Step 7: Now you can import your CSV Materials List into NextMinute 

You will now see your imported materials list and your new template, all that's left to do is hit 'Import'

Now you will see under 'Sale Items' > 'Materials' your materials list has been imported into NextMinute