Import PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices into NextMinute

In this article, we will show you where to access your PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices from the last 6 months within your NextMinute Subscription and how to import and allocate to the relating Jobs.

  • Access all PlaceMakers supplier invoices from the last 6 months - these invoices don't need to link to orders created in NextMinute 
  • Import your PlaceMakers Supplier invoices and link them to Jobs or just import into your NextMinute account
  • Create Actual Job Charges from the Supplier Invoice
  • Create an Invoice with a Margin markup to send to the customer
  • Sync your Supplier Invoice with Xero or MYOB

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts > Supplier Invoices > Add > Import from PlaceMakers


Step 2: Your PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices will show in the left, select to view the Supplier Invoice before importing

Once you have selected Import Integrated Supplier Invoices, you will see a new window open with a list of your PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices in the left list and NextMinute Import Actions in the list on the right.  
  • You will click on the Supplier Invoice to view the details (see Step 3).
  • Navigate through your PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices list and choose appropriate actions (see Steps 4-6)

Step 3: View your Supplier Invoice in detail

The below view shows you the selected Supplier Invoice, it is created as a draft until you choose to assign to a job and take appropriate action with this.  To return to the Supplier Invoices Import window, choose the 'X' as shown below.

Step 4: Assigning a Supplier Invoice to a Job or Task

The below views [Step 4 & 5] show you how to select and assign supplier invoices to existing jobs or tasks you have in NextMinute. You don't have to assign the Supplier Invoice to a Job or Task in NextMinute, you can just import into your NextMinute account.

Step 5: Select a Job or Task 

On selecting the Job/Task button as shown above,  you will see recent jobs and tasks or you can choose to search for more from the jobs or tasks lists.

Step 6: Import with required actions.

Once you've assigned a job or task to your Supplier Invoice it is ready to import.
  • Tick to create Actual Charges - this will assign the line item charges from your supplier invoice against the selected Job or Task as Actual Charges.  These will be displayed as unbilled charges.
  • Tick to Create Invoice (with the option to add % mark up) - this will create an invoice for directly on-billing to a customer, you have the option to add a % mark up.
  • Tick to sync this Supplier Invoice to your Accounting Provider (Xero or MYOB) - this will create a supplier invoice record to your Accounting Software.
Once you've chosen the desired action(s) [see annotations 1-4 below], you will be ready to select Import Now. 

You can take action on more than one supplier invoice at a time, this enables bulk processing of Supplier Invoices.  The screen shot below shows two invoices we've taken action for.

Step 7: Your PlaceMakers Invoices have been successfully imported.  

To check the actions are correct, select the Job/Task associated to open the Job Details fly-out.

Supplier Invoices Grid

Here is where your Supplier invoices show after you import them.  If you selected to sync with Xero or MYOB it will show as being synced. If you see "DRAFT" next to the invoice number, this means you have selected the Supplier Invoice to view via the import fly-out but have not yet imported it.