How to schedule recurring Jobs

This article will take you through the steps for creating a recurring Task linked to a Job. Note: Tasks show in the Calendar, you don't have to create a Job to link to a task.

Step one: Navigate to All Jobs and select Add, or quickly Add a Job via Quick Actions

Step two: Fill in the Job form

Assign the Job to your users (you can assign to users later) and then select Create Calendar Task.

Step three: Fill in the new task form with all details required and Save.

In this example we are going to create a weekly recurring task that repeats once a week on a Friday and never ends. 

Step four: The new recurring task has been created, select the "x" on the task to close and return to the new Job form

Step five: When can see the linked recurring Task and now hit Save

Step six: here is our new Job with 1 linked Scheduled Task, click to view

Step seven: Select the Task to view its details and Show on Calendar

Step eight: Here is the recurring task linked to the Job, select Show on Calendar

You can select Edit to amend any details or the task occurrence at any time.

Step nine: The task will show on the calendar as shown below, click through the weeks to view the upcoming tasks

Step ten: The recurring task shows on the following weeks as shown below.