How to extract your Quote/Invoice as a PDF File

Here's how to extract your Quotes/Invoices as a PDF File

Please note: The below steps show extracting an Invoice as a PDF File, but the steps are the exact same for extracting Quotes as PDF Files 

Step 1. Navigate to 'Accounts' and select either 'Quotes' or 'Invoices' then find and select the one you'd like to 'extract' as a PDF File

Step 2. Click the 'Preview & Send' drop-down, then select 'Preview'

Step 3. Click the 'Export' drop-down then select 'Acrobat (PDF) File'


Step 4. You will see that your Invoice is now downloading, click as shown below to open the PDF version of your Invoice


Step 5. Now your PDF File version of your Invoice is open, right click with your mouse, then click 'Save as...'

Note: Clicking 'Save as...' allows you to save the PDF File version of your Invoice (or Quote!) to your computer then you're done! 🎉