How to create an Invoice from a Quote

Here's how to create an Invoice from an existing Quote!

Step 1. Navigate to Accounts, Quotes and select the Quote

Note: you can do this via the Job 'Quotes' button as well

Step 2. Select the 'More' drop-down menu, then click 'Create Invoice from Quote'


Step 3. Select to invoice 'All items' or 'Selected items'

In this example we are invoicing 'All items'. 

Step 4. Select to Keep individual sections or Combine all items into one section

We are selecting to keep individual sections.


Step 5. Select either 'Full amount' or 'Part amount'


In this example, we will select to invoice the 'Full amount'.
Step 6. Check over the Invoice Details and when happy, hit 'Save'!
Edit the title, Invoice date and Due date, Assigned Job or Task, Reference number and any Private Notes (Private Notes can't be seen by the customer).

Step 7. Now you'll see your newly created Invoice!