Adding materials, disbursements & price lists

There are a couple of ways to add your Materials or Disbursements to your Sale Items. Below shows how to add an item one at a time.

If you prefer to import a list of materials or disbursements from an excel sheet (.CSV file) see this link of how to get that done.

Step 1. Navigate to 'Sale Items' and click 'Materials' then hit 'Add'


Step 2. Enter the details of your Material Item as per the below screenshots

Step 3. Here is your new sale item! Easy as 😎

What are Disbursements?

The Disbursements category is often used for listing items that are frequently needed but do not fall under the category of labour or materials.

Some examples of these are subcontractor costs, hireage charges e.g. skip bin, travel charges or other costs you might pass on as a cost to your client.