Easy rescheduling of work and updating tasks for a Job

Quickly schedule multiple tasks for a job at once and reschedule tasks when things change. 

Working example: You have your carpet layer booked for Thursday but your touch-up painter can't start until Wednesday so you need to reschedule the planned order of your tasks on a job, by moving out the carpet layer and other contractors my 3 days.  The Bulk Actions feature allows you to do this easily. 

The Bulk Actions button found in the Scheduled Tasks fly-out allows you to view, edit and  Reschedule Tasks of one or many tasks.  See the the steps to activate this feature below:

Step 1: Within a Job select Scheduled Tasks

Step 2: Select the Bulk Actions drop down and Reschedule Tasks

Step 3: Select which tasks you want to reschedule and next

In this example we have selected all.

Step 4: Select your Reschedule Options;

  • Select whether to reschedule by: Hours, Days, Weeks or Months (Defaulted to Hours)
  • Select to reschedule tasks within defined working hours (off by default)
  • Select whether to allow reschedule on Saturday and Sunday (off by default)
  • Choose whether to disable overlapping other tasks (on by default)

Step 5: Review and make any adjustments before saving

  • Review and edit the Adjusted Start (date and time)
  • Review and edit the Adjusted End (date and time)
  • Choose to exclude any of the listed tasks
  • Select whether to send notification of the change via email or SMS
In the example below we are going to amend the start time for each to suit.

Step 6: When happy hit Save

Step 7: Our scheduled tasks have now been rescheduled

Please note: Tasks can only be scheduled forward, please review and confirm before saving.