Create an Order from Quote

In this article we take you through the steps to create an Order from an existing Quote and then sending to your supplier. This is an efficient way to quickly create an order from a list of materials in your Quote, avoiding any re-keying hassle.

Step 1: Navigate to Quotes and select your Quote



Step 2: Select Items & Create Order from Quote

Select the materials or sections you wish to create an order for, select More and Create Order from Quote. 


Step 3: Select Selected items

We have selected a couple items so will select Selected items. If you are ordering all items then select All items. 


Step 4: Select to assign Order to your Supplier

To avoid this step, tick Limit Order to Single Supplier via Admin and Order Configuration - Help article.


Select your Supplier



Step 5: Fill in the Order form and & Save

Edit the order's Title, select the Order Date and Due Date, Assign the order to a Job and/or Task, add a Reference and any Private notes. If you need to make any edits to this form, after saving, you can by selecting the Order header. 


Step 6: Send Order to Supplier

The Order Status is now Pending. Make any necessary changes to your Order and Save.


Select Supplier and hit Next



Edit the Email Message & hit Send



The Order has been sent to your Supplier. Select to view your Quote



Within the Quote, you can now see the items ordered and the ones yet to be.