Create an Order from a Quote - PlaceMakers

In this article we take you through the steps to create a PlaceMakers Order from an existing Quote. This is an efficient way to quickly create an order from a list of materials in your Quote, avoiding any re-keying hassle.

Step 1: Navigate to Quotes and select your Quote


Select the Accepted Quote you wish to create a PlaceMakers order from.  


Step 2: Select Items & Create Order from Quote


Select the materials or sections you wish to create an order for, select More and Create Order from Quote.  You can select to create an order for a few or all of the PlaceMakers materials in your quote.  Don't select any items to order all PlaceMakers materials from the quote at once.


Step 3: Select Selected items


We have selected a few items so will select Selected Items.  If you are ordering all items then select All Items.


Step 4: Select to assign Order to PlaceMakers

To avoid this step, tick Limit Order to Single Supplier via Admin and Order Configuration - Help article.




Select the PlaceMakers logo.


Step 5: Select the Account you are ordering from

You may have one or more accounts to choose from.


Step 6: Fill in the Order Form & Save

Edit the order's Title, select the Order Date and Due Date, Assign the order to a Job and/or Task and select whether you would like to Pickup the order or have it Delivered to an address.  If you need to make any edits to this form, after saving, you can by selecting the Order header.


In this example we have chosen to Pickup. Enter the Registration Number of the vehicle that will be picking up the Order. Add the desired Pickup date and time, select your time preference and edit the Contact info as required.



The status will now show as Pending

See Back in the Quote at the bottom of this article.

Step 7: Submit Order to PlaceMakers

Back in the Quote
If you select the Quote number from the order you will be able to see the amount order and which materials have been ordered.