Create an Order for a Job

In this article we will take you through the steps to create an Order for a Job. Orders don't need to be linked to a Job you can also create Orders via Accounts > + Add Order.

Step 1: Navigate All Jobs and select the Job you wish to add an order to

Step 2: From within the Job Flyout select Orders

Step 3: Select Add

Step 4: Select to create an Order from one of the following options

In this example we will create a Blank Order.

Step 5: Add the Supplier, and any other details required in the add order form and Save

Note: The job is already linked to the Order

Step 6: Build your order quickly by selecting + Add a new item

You can also add header and footer notes or make any edits within the Order grid template.

Step 7: Select Materials from the Supplier to add to your Order

If you don't have the materials in NextMinute you can add these via Sale Items > Materials or add them as "Other" line items and include the SKU Number in the description.  See more on importing supplier pricebooks here.

Step 8: Add the quantity and Apply

Continuing adding materials to your Order and when happy Send it off to the Supplier.

Step 9: You will now see there is one Order linked to the Job, select to view the list of Orders against the Job

Step 10: Select the order to view or select Add to create another order against the Job

Change the status of the Order

When the order has been received or collected you can easily switch the Order status to completed by going into the order selecting More and Set Status.  The same goes for if the Order has been cancelled. If you have received a Supplier Invoice for the order follow this article.

Find your Order under Accounts

All your Orders you create against Jobs will show under Accounts > Orders.  You can also create Orders from this page and link to Jobs.