Create an Invoice - PlaceMakers

Easily Create an Invoice, finding Materials from PlaceMakers.

Step one: Navigate to Invoices and select Add, or quickly Add an Invoice via Quick Actions

Step two: Select to Create an Invoice from one of the options

Step three: Fill in the Add Invoice form and Save

Step four: Edit the Invoice template and Add Items to your Invoice - Labour, Materials, Disbursements & Other items

Amend the Sections Details, add a Section description and add a header and footer to your invoice.  Select + Add a new item to choose to add Labour, Materials, Disbursements or Other to your Invoice.

We have selected to add Labour, select the labour rate from the drop down list and tab through to enter the Quantity.

We will now select to add Materials, this will then bring up your Materials list to search for products.  

Search for Materials - PlaceMakers product search

Search for Materials by typing into the search bar and narrow down your search by selecting category, Class and SubClass.  Select the material, and tab through to enter the Quantity.

Search for specific Materials using the Product SKU.

Search for Materials by entering the Product Name.

Turn on Pricing

Search for products and materials from PlaceMakers and show Pricing (Ex. GST).


Show Stocked Items
Search for items that are stocked at your branch.

Invoice template features

Add Sections or sub-sections, drag and drop sections or line items.

Select the Sections Options to Indent or Outdent a section to the left or right. Import from an existing Quote, Order, Invoice, Supplier Invoice or Pre-Built Template. Or Delete the section.

Under Preview & Send select Print Options to view the printing or column display options you want to use.

Select the section, and tick your desired printing options and columns to hide. Select Done then Apply after all changes have been made.

Save and Send your Invoice

After saving the invoice you will then be able to Send it to a Customer, Preview the Invoice and Sync it with your Accounting Provider.

Select Send, Add a Recipient and select Next.

Edit the Email message and Send.