Create a Task via Job

In this article we take you through the steps in creating a single task against an existing job. If you need to create a job first then follow the steps in this article - Create a Job

Step 1: Navigate to All Jobs and select your Job you wish to add Task to


Step 2: On the Job flyout select Scheduled Tasks



Step 3: Select to Add a new Task



Step 4: Fill in the Task form then select Save

You will need to add a Title before saving. You can select to send a notification to a Contact. Enter your Start and End time and enter any Task Details. The Address, Job, and Customer will be automatically assigned. Assign a status and assign to one or more of your users. Add an Importance, Priority, and Category for the Task.


Step 5: Select to Show on Calendar 

Your Task has now been created. You can edit and view the Task details on this flyout.
As you can see below, the new Task is highlighted and shown on the Calendar along with your other Tasks.