Create a Quote - PlaceMakers

Easily Create a Quote finding Materials from PlaceMakers.

Step one: Navigate to Quotes and select Add, or quickly Add a Quote via Quick Actions

Step two: Select to Create a Quote from one of the options

Step three: Fill in the Add Quote form and Save

Step four: Add Items to your Quote - Labour, Materials, Disbursements & Other items

In this example we will be adding Materials to our Quote. 

Search for Materials 

Search for materials by typing into the search bar and narrowing down your search by selecting category, Class and SubClass.

Select the material, enter the Quantity and Save.

Search for specific Materials using the Product SKU.

Search for Materials by entering the Product Name.

Turn on Pricing

Search for products and materials from PlaceMakers and show Pricing (Ex. GST)

Show Stocked Items

Search for items that are stocked at your branch.

Tag materials

Select to Tag a Material and assign one of your Sale Item Tags to it. 

Select the Sale Item Tag and Save.

Quote features

Edit the Quote and Quote Details, add a header and footer, Create an Invoice or Job from the Quote, and more.  See Quote Template Overview for more information.

You can also change to another account and select to get your latest buy and sell prices.