Create a Job - Mobile

In this article we show you how to create a Job within NextMinute using a mobile.

Step 1: First navigate to Jobs and select the Actions button.


Within the Actions button you will have the option to select Add to create a new job, or Add using a Template.  In the example we will select Add to create a new job.

Step 2: Enter job details

Once you have selected Add to create a new job sheet, you will open a blank job form to complete with your specific job details, as shown here. Select to send a notification, a Job Title is required, enter a Job Type and Pricing Type, Assign the Job to a Customer and/or Site, enter the customer Address. A contact may already have an address allocated to them, this will be auto-populated into the address field, however you have the option to edit if necessary. 

Fill in the the Job Details. You have the option to enter a Code, Order Number and Job Description.  If the Job is an internal job tick Internal Job as shown or tick to make user timesheets must be entered against tasks.

You can assign one or more of your team to the job, add a job priority and schedule a date for the job.  When you have finished filling out the Job information hit Save.


Now you will see your new, saved job