Change Job Status - Mobile


In this article we will show you how to change a jobs status via mobile and viewing status history including the tracked GPS location point.

Note: In this example we are changing a job status but same steps apply for changing a task status.

Step 1: Select the Job


Step 2: Select Job Status and then select the new Job Status

In this example we are changing the status to Waiting Materials. 


The team will now be able to see the updated status of the Job.

Step 3: Within the Job scroll down to Status History 

Here you will find a history list of the job's statuses with a date, time, and user/worker who changed it.  If you see "GPS" next to the entry then the users location has been captured upon status change.

Select the status to view on a map

As shown below, the status is shown on a map at the location of the job status change.