Archiving & Restoring Contact

In this article we take you through the steps in archiving a Contact and also restoring a Contact that has been archived.

We recommend archiving a Contact instead of deleting as they are still available to see and still saved on your account just in case you need to find them again. However, if you do accidentally delete a contact you can filter your contact list to include previously deleted contacts and then restore also.


Archiving Contact

Step 1: Navigate to Contacts and select All Contacts

Step 2: Choose a Contact you wish to Archive

Step 3: Archive Contact


The contact is now archived and in the Archived field.

Restoring Contact

Step 1: Choose Contact to restore
To restore an archived Contact navigate to archived contacts and select the Contact you wish to restore. 
Step 2: Restore Contact


Your Contact is now restored and back in your All Contacts list.