Add Payment & Credit Note to Invoice

In this article we take you through the steps in adding a payment and also how to add a credit note to an existing Invoice within NextMinute.

Please note: In this example we are adding a payment and credit note to an Invoice but the same steps apply for a Supplier Invoice

Step 1: Navigate to Invoices and select the Invoice you wish to add Payment

Step 2: Select Add Payment

Step 3: Select Payment Method and the type of Payment

This will bring up a list of Payment Method types, select one.


Step 4: Fill in Add Payment form and when happy hit Save

Enter the payment Amount, the Date, a Reference and Notes if required.
As you can see below, the payment has been added and the Amount Due updated.


Step 5: Select an Invoice to add Credit Note

You can also see in the Invoice grid the Invoice payment.

Step 6: Select to Add Credit Note


Step 7: Fill in Add Credit Note form and when happy hit Save

Enter the Amount, Date, Reference and any Notes if required.
As you can see below the Credit Note has been added and Amount Due updated.
Also the Invoice grid shows the Credit Note against the Invoice, as shown below.