Add Materials to a Job - PlaceMakers

Easily find and add Materials from PlaceMakers straight to a Job.

Steps 1 & 2: Navigate to Jobs and select the Job you are wanting to add Materials to and select the Materials + symbol

Search for Materials

Search for materials by typing into the search by and narrowing down your search by selecting category, Class and SubClass.

Select the material, enter the Quantity and Apply.

Search for specific Materials using the Product SKU.

Search for Materials by entering the Product Name.

Turn on Pricing

Search for products and materials from PlaceMakers and show Pricing (Ex. GST)

Show Stocked Items
Search for items that are stocked.
Materials Saved and Sections View

You will see a confirmation message at the top to confirm your Material has been saved, as shown below.  View the Job's Charges from the Job Details flyout, here we can see the total price of the Materials we just added.

Selecting Sections View will bring up the Charges you have added to the Job.  The below image shows the Materials we just added to the Job and their details. Select to Preview & Send, Create an Invoice from Charges, Save as a Pre-Built Template or Filter by billable or unbillable items. Also you can change your PlaceMakers account or branch, and get latest buy and sell prices.