How do I know I have new PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices?

When you log in to your NextMinute subscription you will see a prompt letting you know you have new PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices to import (as shown below).  You can import these straight away or import them later via Accounts > Supplier Invoices > Add > Import from PlaceMakers.

For a more detailed explanation on importing your PlaceMakers Supplier Invoice see the Import PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices into NextMinute article.

Step 1: When you have new PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices you will see the prompt shown below. 

This prompt is shown when you first log in to NextMinute for the day, if you have new PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices to import. 

Step 2: Selecting 'Yes' will bring up the 'Import of integrated Supplier invoices'

Click the PlaceMakers Supplier Invoices on the left to view before importing.  Confirm the Job/Task the Supplier Invoice links to or select one from your list and click confirm. Or you can just select the invoices you wish to import without having to assign to a Job or Task.  When you are ready to import the Supplier Invoice(s) you can take the following actions:
  • Tick to create Actual Charges - this will assign the line item charges from your supplier invoice against the selected Job or Task as Actual Charges.  These will be displayed as unbilled charges.
  • Tick to Create Invoice (with the option to add % mark up) - this will create an invoice for directly on-billing to a customer, you have the option to add a % mark up.
  • Tick to sync this Supplier Invoice to your Accounting Provider (Xero or MYOB) - this will create a supplier invoice record to your Accounting Software.

The Supplier Invoice will then show as being successfully imported.

Step 3: Your imported Supplier Invoices will show in the Supplier Invoice grid