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Adding Sale Items to your account - Desktop

NextMinute provides you with three areas to organise your Sales Items for ongoing use:
  1. Labour - capture all your charge out rates here.
  2. Materials - capture all the products you sell here.
  3. Disbursements - capture all travel, mileage or other on-charges here.
To add Sale Items, navigate to Sale Items in the left hand Menu, select the relevant tag from Labour, Material or Disbursements and then select Add.  In this example, we will add a labour item, but the steps are the same for adding materials and disbursements.

Adding Labour Items

To add Labour Items, navigate to Labour under Sale Items and select Add.  See screen view below. 

Complete the Labour form fields with your information and select Save.  See screen view below.

You will find the newly added Sale Item in the Labour items list.  See screen view below.


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