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How to use Jobs & Tasks

What is a job?

A job is the overall piece of work that needs to be done for a customer. Your Jobs are found on the left hand side task bar. You can break the Job down into a number of tasks and assign these to the team.

What is a task?

Tasks are a great way to keep on track of what’s going on in your business and what needs to be done for customers. Your tasks are visible in the Calendar and Scheduled Tasks views within NextMinute. Tasks can be a small part of work that needs to be done for a job.  

Using them together for your business.

The Job: Building large deck for Customer 1

Task 1: Quote & Price

Task 2: Foundations

Task 3: Fit deck

Note: Only Tasks show up in the Calendar. 

When creating a new Job you can quickly create a Calendar task or link the new Job to an exisiting Task from within the Add Job form.

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