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4. Basic Business Details & Logo Setup

🔸 How to set up your Business Details 🔸

Filling in your Subscription and Business details is very important before you start working in NextMinute.

Steps 1 & 2: Navigate to Admin > Basics

Steps 3 & 4: Organisation details

Note: you must enter your Country for the SMS notifications to send.

🔸 How to upload your Business Logo 🔸

In this step-by-step guide we will walk you through how to add a logo to your account. When your business logo is uploaded, it will show on your invoices/quotes/etc.

Note: One logo only can be uploaded to your NextMinute subscription.

Step 1. Navigate to Admin, under the 'Basics' tab you will find the 'Branding' section, here is where you click 'Choose File' to upload your business logo.

Step 2. Select your logo file from your computers files and then click 'Open'

As you can see below, your logo will now show as uploaded. If you need to remove or change your logo, select 'Remove Logo'.

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