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Timesheets overview - Mobile

The Timesheets feature allows you and your team to easily add hours to Jobs & tasks for each week. 

Other ways to add timesheet entries via mobile:

To make user timesheets mandatory to enter against a task then follow the steps in this article - User timesheets must be entered against task - Jobs

Step 1: Go to Timesheets via the main menu 


Step 2: Select + to add time to that day

You can view time added for the week and add time via the Timesheets main screen. 


Step 3: Select Billable Type 

Clicking on the plus sign will bring up the below screen,  Select a Job from your list, Select a Task or Select an internal job to add your hours to. We are selecting to add time to a Job.


Step 4: Select your Job from the list

Step 5: Select the Labour Rate

Note: You will not see pricing if this has been switched off or you.

Step 6: Enter the Hours via either the Duration screen or Time Range screen

In this example we are entering time via Time Range.  Enter the Time Range and on which date, then hit Set and Next in the top right corner.


Step 7: Enter details for the timesheet entry and hit Save.

You can View or Change the job by selecting the Job, Edit the hours entered by hitting the hours, e.g 7hr, Enter timesheet entry details. If your permissions allow you to you assign to a different user and tick/untick to make entry billable. Hit Save.

Your hours are then visible for that day in the main Timesheets screen for that week.

Timesheet Detail Screen

Clicking on any day in the previous screen will bring up the Timesheet Detail screen.  Here you can scroll through the week, view total hours logged for each day and hours logged against a Jobs or Task along with its details.  You can also Add time via this screen as shown below.

Timesheet Report

Select Actions and Reports to open up a Timesheet Report for that week.

Select Send and select a recipient to send your Timesheet Report to and hit Next.  Enter a Subject and Message if required and hit Send.


Other ways to get around Timesheets

Clicking on the Calendar icon will bring up a calendar as per below.  You can click through months and get to timesheets for past and upcoming weeks easily by clicking on a day in that week.


Click on the arrows as shown below to scroll through past and upcoming weeks.

When in a past or upcoming week you can select This Week as below to quickly go back to the current week.

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