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Job Planning - Building and amending a plan

🔸 Note: This feature is only available to Admin users. 🔸

Following are some helpful guides on different aspects of Building and amending your 'Job Planning' Calendar

🔸 Creating a 'Scheduled Task' via the 'Job Planning' view 🔸

Step 1. On the Job Planning Calendar, right click on the left hand pane to create a Task

Step 2. Enter the Task details then hit 'Save'!

Step 3. Your Task will now show on the Job Planning Calendar as pictured below

🔸 Amending Tasks - Shifting 'Start' or 'End Date' 🔸

Hover your mouse over the Task that you would like to alter and you will see 'three dots' on each end of the Task. Click the 'three dots' and drag your mouse across to change the 'Start' or 'End' date/time.

The three dots on the left allow you to change the 'Start' date/time of the Task, while the three dots on the right allow you to change the 'End' date/time of the Task.

🔸 How to use the 'Progress Bars' (two ways) 🔸

Note: A 'Progress Bar' defines the amount of 'Progress' you have made on each 'Task' which gives you a better overall view of where your projects are at currently, along with how far off completion you are on your Job. 

First way

Step 1. See the little black triangle under the task? Click this and drag it across to update the 'Progress' of your Task

This Automatically updates the 'Job Progress Bar' at the top which calculates the total progress of all Tasks. This means when all of the Tasks are marked as '100' on the 'Progress Bar', the 'Job Progress Bar' will show as '100%'

Step 2. As you drag the triangle across to define the 'Progress' made on the Task, the black box will tell you the 'Progress %' of the Task you are updating.

Result? You can now see the progress on the Tasks, along with the Progress of the overall Job


Second way

Step 1. Use your mouse to 'right click' on the task, then click 'Task Details'

Step 2. Update the 'Progress %' then hit 'Save'!

🔸 Shifting a Task 🔸

Simply hover your mouse over the Task, then 'left click' with your mouse and drag it to change the 'Start' and 'End' date/time

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