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How to format your Quotes & Invoices - Simple View incl. Labour Totals

Hey team! Do you want your invoice to look like the example below?! 

If you do, continue reading this 'how-to' guide!

Please note: In this instance we are formatting an Invoice, but the steps are the same for Quotes. 

Step 1.  Navigate to 'Accounts' then click on 'Invoices' or 'Quotes'. Now find and click on the Invoice or Quote that you would like to edit before sending off to your customer.

Step 2. Once you're in the Invoice or Quote, click the 'Preview & Send' drop-down menu, then click 'Print Options'.

Step 3. For this first lot of 'Print Options' you will need to repeat this step for each section aside from the 'Labour Section'. In this example we will repeat the same steps for the 'Materials Section' and the 'Other Section'.

Step 4. Ensure that you have the below 'Printing Options' ticked for all sections aside from your 'Labour Section' - when you've done this for one section, click 'Done' and repeat these steps for the other sections if applicable. 

Step 5. When you're ready to move on to the 'Labour Sections' lot of 'Printing Options', please click the 'Labour' section name as shown below. 

Step 6. Ensure you have your 'Labour' sections 'Printing Options' the same as below then click 'Done'! 

Note: If you do not see the 'Columns to HIDE when Printing' section, please ensure that you DO NOT have the 'Hide all line items' box ticked.

Step 7. Once you have completed the above steps where necessary, please click the 'Apply' button

Step 8. Click 'Save' and then the 'Preview & Send' drop-down menu and select 'Preview'

Step 9. Now you will see a preview of how your Quote or Invoice will look when you send it to the customer. Scroll down to look over it, and when you're ready you can send it to your customer by clicking the 'Send' button at the top right hand corner!

Tip: The below screenshot shows how the 'Labour Section' looks within your Quote or Invoice on the left, and the right hand side shows how the 'Duplicate line items' (multiple employee labour/timesheet entries with the same name) are combined on the Quote or Invoice that the customer sees. It's far tidier! 🎉

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