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3. How to invite Your Team & set up their Labour Rates

🔸 How to invite your Team 🔸

When getting started in NextMinute you will want to invite users from your team. Once using NextMinute as the business grows or changes you will want to
add new team members.
By inviting users to your account, you can then assign jobs and tasks, notify of work activity and they will have the ability to operate NextMinute in the field.


Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Users and select Invite New User

Step 2: Enter new user detail & Send Invitation

Note: Your subscription and billing user count will automatically be updated as shown below.

Your new user will be sent an email to accept their NextMinute invitation

🔸 How to create 'Labour Rates' for your Team 🔸

Quite often your staff are paid and charged out at different rates. Create a labour rate for each staff member for them to select when adding time to tasks and jobs. If you don't want staff seeing each others labour rates you can turn off pricing via Role permissions.

Step 1. Navigate to 'Labour' under Sale Items, then click 'Add' to create a new Labour Rate for your team

Step 2. Fill in the relevant details for your employees Labour Rate
Use your Staff members name as the items Name so that they can easily find and select their labour rate when adding time to jobs and tasks.

Step 3. Edit Permissions - Turn OFF Pricing

If you don't want staff viewing their Labour rate and other staff's labour rates, go to Admin > Users > Select the Role to edit its permissions.

Scroll down to Pricing, turn OFF access and Save.

NextMinute gives you full control of how your team work in NextMinute.  You can customise the users types to suit your business activity and you have the ability to manage user permissions.  For example an Administrator would maintain full user permissions, however you may choose to limit or amend the users permissions for other team members or contractors.  Please see our support article on how to Manage roles and user permissions.

Thanks for reading this help article, we hope you found it useful. You can see more helpful articles at the NextMinute Knowledgebase.

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