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Viewing Files on Desktop

In this help article we take you through the steps in viewing a file on your desktop. We go through the steps in viewing a file saved on a Job and also a Billable.

Note: We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser as some other web browsers won't allow you to view file.

Viewing File on Job

Step 1: On your Jobs list select the Job with file attached then Files

Step 2: Tick your file you wish to view then under More select View Selected

You will now be able to view the file. You can then either delete or download the file.

Note: For all Microsoft file types you are prompted to download an extension. Once extension is installed/enabled the viewing of Microsoft file types is possible.

Viewing File on Billable

Note: In this example we are viewing a file saved on a Quote but the same steps apply for viewing a file on an Invoice, Supplier Invoice and Order.

Step 1: Navigate to Quotes and select your Quote with File attached

Step 2: Under More select Files

Then go through the same steps shown earlier to view file selected.

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