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How do the printing options work in Invoices and Quotes?

Within NextMinute you can choose what the customers can and can't see on Quotes and Invoices. For example you mat be giving them a discount and want to show this on their invoice or you may want to combine all labour charges into one line. In this article we will show you where to find Printing Options and what it will look like on the invoice.

In this example we will edit the printing options for an invoice we want to send to a customer.

Step 1: Navigate to Invoices and select the Invoice

Step 2: Select Preview & Send > Print Options

Step 3: Select a Section, tick what you'd like to show and hide and how you'd like the invoice to present, then hit Done

We are going to keep all section elements together and show totals for sections, the line items code, name, description, quantity, units and amount. We will then tick to apply to all sections. You can also set this as your default for all invoices.

Step 4: Select Apply after changes have been made

Step 5: Select Save

Step 6: Select Preview & Send > Preview to make sure all the information you want is on the invoice before sending to the customer

Step 7: Review the Invoice before sending

In preview we can see the totals for each section, the line items code, name and description, quantity, units and amount.

We have gone back into Print Options to make some more changes

This time we are going to tick to hide the line item description and untick discount so that this column shows on the invoice. When happy select Done then Apply.

This is what our changes look like in Preview Mode

The Discount column is now shown and the line item Description is hidden.

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