Create a Quote using Import file

In this article we take you through the steps in creating a quote using an import file. This feature is useful if you have your estimate/quote saved as a csv file, you can quickly create a quote within NextMinute by importing your file. For example, you can insert your PlaceMakers BuildIT Estimate using this feature.

Step 1: Navigate to Quotes and select Add, or quickly Add a Quote via the Quick Actions

Step 2: Select Using Import File

Step 3: Fill in Add Quote form

Here you can assign to an existing customer, edit the quote Title and Dates or use subscription defaults, assign to an existing Job and/or Task, add a Reference and any Private Notes if necessary (Private Notes won't be seen by the customer).

Step 4: Import CSV file

Firstly, select Choose Import File.

Then select your saved CSV file.

Step 5: Select your Import Template

Secondly, select Choose Import Template.

Then select an existing Template or select to Add a new one, you can view each template to see which fields will be imported into NextMinute. When happy select Done.

Step 6: Select which sections to Import then select Import

In this example, we are Importing all sections.

As you can see below, your Quote has now been created with all sections imported.

Create Order from Quote

Now that you've created your quote you can now create an order from this quote, as shown below. 

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