Accounts Filter by Date & Job

In this article we take you through the steps in adding a new column for a billable date and how to filter your billables by the date and job associated. 

Note: In this article we are filtering quotes but the same steps apply for invoices, supplier invoices and orders.

Step 1: Navigate to Quotes and select arrow icon to add new column

Step 2: Select Columns then tick Quote Date

Step 3: Select Filters

As you can see below, the new quote date column is added to the list.

Step 4: Filter by Quote Date

You can filter your Quote Date by Expired, Yestreday, Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, This Month or select a specific Date Range.

Step 5: Filter by Job

Here you can filter your quotes by ones associated with jobs.

Step 6: Select your Jobs then OK

As you can see below the quotes associated with the chosen jobs will appear in the list. Select to clear filters.

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