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Create an Order for a Supplier from a Quote

In this article we take you through the steps in creating an order for a supplier from an existing quote.

In this example we are creating an order from a quote and have limited the order to a single supplier as per our subscription settings. To set this up in your subscription follow the steps in this article - Limit Order to a Single Supplier

Note: You can also create an order via Jobs - see bottom of article for steps

Step 1: Navigate to Orders and select Add, or quickly add an Order via Quick Actions

Step 2: Select Using Quote

Step 3: Select the Quote and OK

Step 4: Select Materials then OK

Step 5: Fill in Order form then select Save

As you can see below, the Order has now been created. Select Send under Preview & Send if you wish to send to your Supplier.

Create a Order using a Quote via a Job

Step 1: Navigate to Jobs, All Jobs and select a Job

Step 2: Select Orders and Add

Step 3: Select Using Quote then continue from Step 3 above

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